Wednesday, May 5, 2021

War Drum On the Ethiopia Dam! የጦርነት ነጋሪት በኢትዮጵያ ግድብ ላይ!

 War Drum On the Ethiopian Dam! 

1.-  Egypt-Sudan hold military exercise amid crisis with Ethiopia - Al-Monitor

2.- Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: 'All Options Open', Egypt Warns After Another Collapse in Talks - Sputnik Int

3.- 'All options are on the table': Egypt's president warns on Ethiopian dam - The National

4.- US, Ethiopia Discuss Importance of Continued Regional Dialogue on GERD - Asharq Al-awsat - 

5.- Sudan says Nile dam talks end without progress due to “Ethiopian obstinacy” - Capital FM Kenya

6.- Egypt supports South Sudan to secure Nile shareAl-Monitor

7.- Climate change threatens the Nile's critical water supply - Quartz

8.- How will the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam harm Egyptians? Egypttoday

9.-Ethiopia vows to defy threats from neighbours and fill mega-dam- The Times

10- Renaissance Dam: Houthis propose mediation for Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt - Middle East Monitor

11.- Ethiopia invites Egypt, Sudan to nominate operators in data exchange on GERD's 2nd filling - Daily News Egypt

12.- Egypt rejects Ethiopian invitation to exchange data on second GERD filling - Daily News Egypt

13.- Dam crisis: Options at hand for Egypt - opinion - The Jerusalem Post

14.-Nile dam crisis: Egypt and Sudan reject 'suspicious' Ethiopian proposal - The National

15.-Archbishop of Alexandria warns that dam project has reached a 'potentially dangerous' phaseChurch Times

16.- Egypt, Uganda sign security cooperation agreement as Sisi warns Ethiopia over Nile dam The New Arab

17.- Egypt's Sisi threatens Ethiopia with war over Nile dam  - PRESSTV

18.- A Cold War is Brewing on the Blue Nile - Bloomberg

19.-Tensions Mount in North Africa After Dam Talks End in Failure - The Media Line

20.-Negotiations over GERD dispute fail to reach agreement China daily USA