Thursday, March 27, 2014

State Information Services Egypt explains its stance over Renaissance Dam

Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Foreign Ministry sent a formal document to all Egyptian embassies abroad about Egypt's stance over Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam.

The Egyptian embassies are asked to contact foreign governments and media outlets to clarify the Egyptian stance over the controversial dam, said spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Badr Abdel Atti in statements on Tuesday 25/3/2014.

The document underlined Egypt's firm position on the Nile water file, which is based on the principles of mutual benefit among all parties.

The Ethiopian side does not provide any information about the dam, Abdel Atti said.

Ethiopia recognized the negative effects of the dam on the downstream states, although it previously announced that the dam would not affect the downstream states, Abdel Atti said.

The negotiations are necessary in order to avoid any serious developments that might affect Egypt's national security, he added.


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