Monday, July 11, 2016

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia agree on Renaissance Dam technical proposal | Egypt Independent

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia agree on Renaissance Dam technical proposal
Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have received the final technical proposal from the French consultancy firm contracted to conduct hydraulic, economic and environmental studies of the Grand Renaissance Dam, according to Irrigation Minister Mohamed abdel Aaty.
The final date is still to be set for the signing of the technical contracts between the consultancy firm and the Tripartite Committee involved in negotiations over the controversial dam's construction.
The contracts are to be signed in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa in accordance with agreements set out between the three countries as a road map during a previous round of talks.
In press remarks, Abdel Aaty said that the three countries have agreed on the technical offer. Once signed, the firm will have the green light to carry out the technical studies.
Whilst some countries in the Nile basin have expressed support for the Ethiopian construction project, begun in 2011, Egypt has spearheaded opposition to the dam, citing negative impact on downstream water flows as the main concern. 

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