Saturday, July 25, 2015

State Information Services Egypt: It is high time to accomplish special studies on Renaissance Dam

Egypt has highlighted the importance of starting the special studies on Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam as soon as possible based on the roadmap approved by Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

The remarks were made by Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hossam Moghazi at the opening of the 7th round of the tripartite technical committee of the Renaissance Dam in Khartoum.

The minister highlighted the importance of Khartoum meeting to resume discussions on the principle agreement signed in March by the leaders of three countries.

Moghazi asserted that the three countries are to be held responsible for accelerating the current process of talks to implement the agreement reached among the leaders of the three countries.

The principle agreement is largely depending on the outcome of studies which are to be outlined by the tripartite technical committee which was formed upon a recommendation of a final report released by an international committee of experts in the water issues.

The tripartite technical committee meetings kicked off in Khartoum earlier in the day in the presence of the water resources ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to settle all pending issues which have not been settled in the 6th round of talks.

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